Turkish towels are an excellent summertime travel companion. We carry Peshtemals which are meticulously hand loomed in a centuries’ old tradition that is the pride of Turkey. They dry so quickly that one towel can be a beautiful swimsuit cover-up, blanket to layout on and then an extremely absorbent towel to dry with after a dip in the water. Plus, they take up so much less space and weight in a beach bag or suitcase, easily 1/3 that of a terry towel.

And, yet there’s more! When you see their patterns & design you’ll be inspired with so many other uses for them. Our customers buy the hand towels as kitchen tea towels or bureau scarves, and the full size towels for tablecloths or lightweight throws. Turkish towels are truly an affordable luxury!

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—– Luahn

PS: Our Turkish towels are 20% off until July 31, 2015.