We're inviting you to meditate with us /Photo credit:Beth http://bit.ly/Qh9YoL

Set your cell phone alarm for noon each day and stop for just 1 minute to pause and reconnect with yourself.  Close your eyes.  Turn inside. Listen to your breath.  Think about something very pleasant.  Feel your heart beat. Pause.

Do what you can. If you’re in the middle of a meeting, take your meditation minute (or it may become a few minutes!) an hour later. Be flexible. But do practice this form of 1-minute meditation every day.

It is amazing what a compelling practice this can become.

Join us.

how to. Practice 1 minute meditations, once a day for 7 days, starting September 12, 2012. Post your reactions of mind, body, and spirit each day (7 posts) until September 18, on our Facebook page. (Your posts will indicate that you accepted the invitation.)  As an incentive JoiaBeauty will give a reward for meditating one minute for 7 days and posting on our Facebook page:  a beautiful candle from Olive Natural Beauty, while supplies last ($28 value).

to further aid in your success. We will provide you with some advice and tips on our Facebook page. Due to the balancing and harmonizing powers of roses we will have rose-based products on sale at our store from September 12-18, 2012.

Roses: Powerful and soothing to the soul /Photo credit:http://bit.ly/OqVH9V

“The rose, queen of flowers!  Her fragrance, captured in the essential oil, is the most precious of all heavenly scents.  It refreshes the soul; its fragrant poetry brings joy to the heart.  Rose the flower of music, touches the most delicate strings.”  Susanne Fischer-Rizzi, Complete Aromatherapy Handbook.

Thank you for accepting our invitation. 

All of our meditation practices will be enhanced by kindred spirits joining together.

– Photo credits: http://bit.ly/Qh9YoL and http://bit.ly/OqVH9V