As one of the partners of JoiaBeauty, Luahn seeks to integrate life styles changes with natural skin care. She looks for inspirations in everyday life. “I am inspired by my commute from the Berkshires down to Northampton. The autumn leaves remind me of the seasons of our lives. As in nature, we fly our true colors in autumn.”

Expert Care
JoiaBeauty offers deep knowledge and care. We aim to develop relationships with our customers. For Luahn it is impossible to separate outer from inner beauty. She also brings a certain playfulness to her approach, “by playing in the sandbox of outer body beauty we hope to help our customers to nurture their inner beauty.”

What will you find in Luahn’s purse?

Dr. Hauschka’s toned day cream “gives me a natural glow that I love. It’s decorative effect is harmonious with the other natural, organic products that I like to use, including the clothes I like to wear.” JoiaBeauty just started to carry Synergy; an organic cotton clothing line that uses low impact dye and fair trade practices.Luahn’s styles her curly hair every day with Phyto’s 9 Daily Ultranourishing Botanical Cream. It’s very light and effective! People always compliment her on her lip gloss. It’s Dr. Hauschka’s limited tinted lip gloss #15. It enhances like her natural lip color and prevents fine lines.For her eyes she loves Annemarie Börlind’s black mascara. It applies nicely and evenly and lasts a long time. It even contributes to the health of your lashes.
Börlind’s eye pencil is great too because you can use it as an eye shadow and as an eyeliner. The attached sponge makes it easy to achieve a smoky tone.

What Luahn’s likes to do

“I love practicing yoga. Right now I am really drawn to poses that develop my core strength, like navasana.

“Northampton has a lot to offer. For example, “Mary Lou and Bob from Tea Trekker are very authentic, like JoiaBeauty they also have a deep knowledge of their products. They even create their own tea blends, like Joseph Hawley’s Smuggler’s Blend. Delicious! Also the various Oolong teas they have are marvelous.”

For a great book and a great conversation Luahn is drawn to Broadside Bookshop.

Come and visit us. Luahn will gladly assist you.