An interview with Celia, one of JoiaBeauty’s estheticians. She is an artist and a poet and is fascinated by the understanding of the natural ingredients she selects for herself and her clients.

What are the 2 most important things people can do to take of their skin?

A seasonal cleaning facial (four times a year) is essential.  A commitment to natural rhythms helps  address your goals for your skin care.

Make a 7 day commitment to your skin. Daily hydration and protection of your skin will make all the difference.

I heard you say “skin care is a holistic on-going practice.” What do you mean by this?

By that, I mean that I would like to remind people to think about all the factors that influence the condition of their skin.

For example, a regular exercise routine matters as well as nutrition. I’ve come to realize that for me a diet rich in plants is part of one of the best “anti-aging” formulas. I encourage people to support our local CSA farms and markets.

What else do you suggest?

The artist in me likes to encourage my clients and friends to make time for “art dates.” Take advantage of Arts Night Out in Northampton. Consider making a collage from pictures and words torn from magazines to express your goals and desires.

Go to a bookstore for inspiration and idea to bring out the poet in you. Make art part of your life.

What does beauty mean to you?

The definition of beauty, especially for women, is wrapped up in the early encouragement or judgment we received from family and the constant media we receive every day.

For me, beauty is health.  Inner and outer beauty. You cannot achieve one without the other.

How do you see your role as an esthetician?

I’ve learned how the skin works. I study all about the ingredients in the skin care products I am using. Part of my facial service is helping  clients understand how to make choices when buying and using skin care products. If I know what your skin care goals are I can help you get the results.

Photo by Joan DeGeorge

So Celia, what do you like to do in your free time?

I love love being near water. I love to kayak and have explored a great deal of the rivers and ponds in New England. Protected by SPF, of course!

Want to know more? Call 413.585.5811 to make an appointment with Celia. Our clients love her facials.