The other morning I woke up and did a ritual scan of my devices to see which one needed charging.  iPad?  iPhone?  In fact, they’ve become such a central part of my daily life I consider them like close friends and I admit I asked out loud “which one of you needs charging?” I checked the battery icon on each one and plugged the adaptor into the one who needed it most.  Such good care!

In asking the question out loud, I started to laugh, and realized that it was ME who needed recharging the most.  I asked myself if I scan myself with the same ritualistic commitment that I do my devices and then respond with the same treatment as my iFriends?  No-o-o.  It’s not that my body, mind and spirit aren’t sending plenty of messages as clearly as the depleted battery icon on my iPhone or iPad.  I’ve just been ignoring them and charge myself just enough to keep going.  I have a thin, green sliver, to continue with the same metaphor. I rarely get myself to 50% let alone 100% charge.

After this realization, I can’t say I’ve made huge changes but I am more conscious of my habits.  Could I schedule “tune-ups” every 3500 miles, as I do my car, to use another analogy?   I’m taking an occasional restorative yoga class, meditating even if it’s for just a few minutes every day (see our invitation to meditate), eating the fresh produce of the season and trying to get a tad more sleep.  Start with the basics!

How about you?


Luahn is a  co-founder of JoiaBeauty and has a passion for practicing and teaching Yoga.