Some of my very best life lessons I learned from my beloved grandmothers including beauty and self care tips. Those two were worth listening to (although they taught more by example than talk)! They both lived vibrant, independent lives in their own homes until 96 and 100 years of age. Although they came from different backgrounds they shared a common approach to life. Today we call it holistic living but for them it’s just what you do. In my mind whatever or however they did something it took on particular meaning and I wanted to mimic it. With those great habits (and genes!) I’m think I’ve got a shot at 105.

One of my earliest memories as a little girl is waking up early at Grandma’s house and quietly walking into the kitchen, which was hard to do because the floorboards creaked. There she stood, all 5 feet of her, gazing out the kitchen window sipping her warm water and lemon from a blue etched glass mug…the same mug I use today for my morning warm water and lemon. For a moment I didn’t announce myself because I could sense this was a special morning ritual preparing her for the day ahead. For me, too, this gets my day off to a great start!

My other grandmother knew how to select just the right element of luxury to enhance her daily routine without going overboard. Her linen closet smelled of the fragrant French soaps she tucked into her plush bath towels. It was such a treat to open the closet and inhale that signature scent. And, when we used the soaps they were lavishly creamy. Hmm…now who’s selling lovely imported soaps?!

Isn’t it amazing how these seemingly minor occurrences influence our lives? Do you have a special health and beauty tip you learned from your mother or grandmother that remains with you to this day?  Post it on our Facebook page by May 10th and be entered into a raffle for a $20 JoiaBeauty gift card. Please tag your post #joia