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Recently my friend and I offered a Yoga and Skin Care workshop entitled “Sri Revealed”.  The Sanskrit word Sri can be defined as effulgent beauty, abundance, glory, excellence .  My favorite definition is an “explosion of a star radiating” outward – it has that much power and light.    AND, the best part about it is each one of us at our very essence is this star and our beauty and the beauty we create in the world is Sri.  This vibration exists everywhere and in everything. It’s the twinkle in our eyes, the dramatic display of autumn leaves, the joy of seeing a snowdrop poke through receding snow, the smell of cinnamon toast or the sound of a concert pianist.

So, where ‘s the connection to our skin?  Our skin is the bridge between our inner and outer worlds. It is luminous when we allow our “star power” to shine out.  We do this when our thoughts, words and actions are guided by the wisdom of  hearts.   As powerful as this  star power is it speaks in a still, small voice which means we need to take time to listen.  By nurturing body, mind and spirit.

Luahn is a  co-founder of JoiaBeauty and has a passion for practicing and teaching Yoga.