Like our skin our hair needs a little extra moisture and protection in the winter.
Many of us cut down on the number of times we shampoo each week in the winter to preserve our natural oils, but then find our hair looks a little flat and lack-luster. Luahn’s solution is to skip the shampoo but keep the conditioner.

How to:
1. Before getting in the shower or bath give your hair and scalp a vigorous
brushing to lift the dirt, dust and scalp flakiness. This cleanses without stripping and gets the blood circulating in the scalp.
2. Rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly.
3. Apply and rinse conditioner as usual.

Products we love:
Herbacin Care and Protection Herbal Hair Conditioner is formulated for all hair types. Nourishes and protects without weighing hair down.
Mason Pearson Mixed Bristle Hair Brushes offer a good scalp massage and the natural bristles distribute our own oils throughout the hair.