The world of reflexology believes that our feet influence the health of our entire body. Keeping our feet warm & moisturized goes a long way to making the rest of our being comfortable & healthy in the winter! Follow our favorite routine to help stimulate circulation and restore hydration in the feet, while also relaxing the body and mind preparing us for a restful sleep.


1. Soak your feet in a warm, aromatherapeutic foot bath for 10 minutes.
2. After patting your feet dry, massage them with your favorite moisturizing
foot cream, applying gentle pressure to toes and soles of feet.
3. Finish by tucking your feet into cozy socks.

Recommended products: Kneipp’s Lavender Bath Crystals  is Luahn’s current favorite for a foot soak.
Dr. Hauschka’s Hydrating Foot Cream is Joia’s top pick for a soothing foot cream.